RVdrones actioncam gimbal

Capture Posted on April 22, 2014, in Gimbals, with 0 Comments

Hi downloaders/viewers, This is an open-source gimbal which I designed especially for people who cannot afford to buy a ready made one. This gimbal can be balanced easily and can be made using any 2.5mm material (preferably HDF wood,carbon fiber and what not). So the main purpose was easily available parts( NO 3d printing and angles). this uses some nylon spacers(25mm long) which are too cheaper. Space is provided to mount your controller board. You can use this gimbal with any action cam. If you guys like it give me a feedback, on what you want the upgrades to be. Thanks

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BLGC Brushless Gimbal

simple_brushless_gimbal Posted on January 13, 2013, in Gimbals, with 8 Comments

This is the project of the mechanical part of a gimbal that uses standard rewired brushless motors and a special controller designed by Aleksey Moskalenko. The GoPro must be balanced on the axes of movement of the gimbal to run correctly. After a simple setup will have extraordinary results!

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Ecilop 3 axis conversion

P1040568 Posted on January 10, 2013, in Gimbals, with 0 Comments

This is not a complete gimbal, even you can build your own part of the “steadycam”, is aimed at who already have an ecilop and would like give to his multirotor a system to control the panning of the camera.
This works with the original ECILOP gimbal. www.ecilop.tv

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