BLGC Brushless Gimbal

simple_brushless_gimbal Posted on January 13, 2013, in Gimbals, with 8 Comments

This is the project of the mechanical part of a gimbal that uses standard rewired brushless motors and a special controller designed by Aleksey Moskalenko. The GoPro must be balanced on the axes of movement of the gimbal to run correctly. After a simple setup will have extraordinary results!

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Ecilop 3 axis conversion

P1040568 Posted on January 10, 2013, in Gimbals, with 0 Comments

This is not a complete gimbal, even you can build your own part of the “steadycam”, is aimed at who already have an ecilop and would like give to his multirotor a system to control the panning of the camera.
This works with the original ECILOP gimbal. www.ecilop.tv

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